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Online MRI reporting In India & Delhi-NCR


Vital Radiology – Assurance of Quality! Deliverance with Superiority!

Assuring Quality with Credibility - At Vital, Excellence Is Our Intent!

Vital has come up with its stout in-house clinical and diagnostic infrastructure adding a value to its clinical framework to deliver best ever services to our customers and maintain quality in the medical reporting work whereby specifying general as well as sub specialty reports. With our proficient medical professionals, we assure to ensure providing you with the best, critically evaluated diagnostic services.

Classic Word of Honor – Vital Is Known for Delivering Quality at Its Best!

Vital has established a ‘never-go-wrong’ framework for clinical governance to maintain uniformity in benchmarked standards for healthcare and medical services. Clinical governance is developed and designed by our UK-based team of radiologists and consultants.

Clinical Audit Trials – Assuring Quality

The framework embraces the process of staffing and standard clinical audits for continuous feedback to radiologists and clients about audit outcome. Clinical audit generally includes image quality, administration processes, technical ace, equipment maintenance and service delivery. Quick turnaround time and super-high clinical performance plays a vital role in our quality assurance model of service delivery. This helps us be always on time and high on performance.

Monitoring the Monitors

Vital is monitoring clinical equipment and systems for producing the best-quality and comprehensive reports for our valued clients. While there is a dearth of quality radiologists around the world, our expert radiologists leave no stone unturned to bridge this gap. The quality of Teleradiology systems at Vital Radiology is at par with the international standards and is dedicated to work towards perfection. Also, as any such diagnosis requires an expertise in the medical domain, we take pride in announcing that our panel is brimming with such experts.

Fundamental Factors that Aid in Efficient Clinical Governance

  • Appointing clinical leads
  • Background checks for each radiologist before empanelling them
  • Random double reporting to audit and verify the work by our experts to maintain quality standards
  • Participation in meetings, seminars, conferences, and clinical audits for knowledge sharing and to address further advance training needs of our experts
  • Monitoring alert system
  • Laser-sharp focus to ensure quick turnaround time


Vital has established a purpose-built reporting centre in Noida India

  • World class purpose built Reporting Centre
  • PACS and Dictation System for reporting
  • 3 MP high-resolution diagnostic monitors
  • 3 Monitors Setup ( 2 diagnostics, 1 Work list)
  • Resilient Network and Advanced Cloud-based technology
  • Secured data-centre to maintain the patient data confidentiality


  • State-of-the-art clinical quality governed by NHS UK Consultants
  • Minimal turnaround time
  • Dedicated line for the communication between Referring Consultant and our Radiologist
  • No minimum commitment
  • Negligible infrastructure cost to the centres and hospitals
  • Highly secured network
  • Collaborative approach in radiology reporting
  • Best value flexible solution