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Managed by UK professionals, our team of radiologists and supporting staff is dedicated to providing excellent reporting services for MRI scans, CT scans, and X-rays, Mammography and Dental CTs. With a deep comprehension about organ malfunctions and disorders, our empanelled radiologists are ready to cater to any diagnostic requirement as per patient’s need. We offer our clients with a continuous service and diagnose their disorders by analyzing their reports thoroughly, diligently, and critically. Diversified knowledge of our empanelled radiologists makes them the perfect pick for ensuring a correct diagnosis every time. Our quality radiology reporting services are intended to maximize productivity and to facilitate high-end quality care.

Our Commitment at Vital

We are a committed group delivering timely and affordable Teleradiology services to facilitate optimal care of patients from all walks of life and from all around the globe. We provide day-and-night Teleradiology reporting services by some of the most top-notch experts from the medical fraternity.

Reporting Services: Always Away Ahead!

Vital’s center for excellence and advance teleradiology provides "General" and "Sub Specialty" services to all public hospitals, medical centers, private hospitals, diagnostic centers and other research centers by using new advancements in Teleradiology Reporting services.

Course of Action

  • Scanning the patient at the hospital/diagnostic center site.
  • Transmission of the patient images to Vital reporting Hub.
  • Distribution of the scans to an appropriate radiologist.
  • Reporting on the scan.
  • Receiving the finalized report.
  • Sending the reports to the referring hospital.
  • Post reporting consultation and communication between the referrer and the radiologist.
  • Billing and checkout.


Vital has established a purpose-built reporting centre in Noida India

  • World class purpose built Reporting Centre
  • PACS and Dictation System for reporting
  • 3 MP high-resolution diagnostic monitors
  • 3 Monitors Setup ( 2 diagnostics, 1 Work list)
  • Resilient Network and Advanced Cloud-based technology
  • Secured data-centre to maintain the patient data confidentiality


  • State-of-the-art clinical quality governed by NHS UK Consultants
  • Minimal turnaround time
  • Dedicated line for the communication between Referring Consultant and our Radiologist
  • No minimum commitment
  • Negligible infrastructure cost to the centres and hospitals
  • Highly secured network
  • Collaborative approach in radiology reporting
  • Best value flexible solution